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Support us

Following the spirit of the team play and the desire to give the opportunity to more and more children to participate in the competition, we are constantly looking for organisations and people, that will support the competition. We want to improve the education of the students and hope for Yours support.

Supporting organization

We will be thankful for the support of any socially aware organisation, which provides the opportunity to the members of its team to participate in the organisation of the competition and to be coaches of teams. This will give you the chance to popularize your views for the education and the changes, we want to see in our educational system.

Supporting person

Your support as a person may be crucial for the good organisation of the competition. As a coach of a team, you will have the chance to supervise students between the age of 10 and 16 and help them to gain knowledge in the field of Information Technology.

One of the most important things – the competition is about students, not about coaches. You may have no experience in the technical sciences, but instead you may have great organizational, motivational and leadership skills. These are one of the best coaches.

Make a donation

Donations can be made via credit card, ePay or bank transfer. Contact us before or after you make a donation, so that we can keep in touch.


To contact us and become part of the competition, use our Contacts page.