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What’s the competition like?

In the competition participate children and youngsters, who work on fulfilling the missions with their robot and developing a project on topic related to the topic of the competition. The theme of the challenge is different every year and concerns a worldwide relevant problem. In their preparation for the regional round each team is supervised by a mentor. In 8-11 weeks the teams construct and program a robot and at the same time collect and analyze information needed for their project. They present the results in front of an expert jury in the day of the competition.


The robots must be constructed only with LEGO parts together with one LEGO Mindstorms brick, three motors, and the main sensors – ultrasound, light, sound and touch. The young participants may use only the software provided by LEGO to program their robots. The teams use pre-programmed robots to accomplish the missions on the field. The field and the missions are announced in beginning of September. In addition to the performance on the field, the design of the robot and the program are also evaluated.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Challenge

Apart from the robot-game the teams must present the results from their projects. The challenge is different each year and it covers topics announced by FLL. The teams must choose a problem in the area, in which they want to work. Afterwards they work out a solution, after consulting with experts in the area.

Team building

The Team Building task also gives sufficient points. Actually it is quarter of the whole result of the team. A team may succeed only if its members can communicate with each other, help each other and share ideas and skills during the preparation and the competition.

Technical interview

Expert jury conducts an interview with each of the teams. The idea behind the interview is to understand whether each of the children have taken part in the preparation and how well they understand the technical part of the challenge. The jury also keeps in mind the design and the creativity of the construction and also the program of the robot.

What do you win by participating in the FIRST LEGO League local tournament in Bulgaria?
  • You will learn to construct and program LEGO robots;
  • You will understand what is like to be a scientist;
  • You will learn how each team copes with their project;
  • You may win an award and the chance to participate in the next round in another European country.

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