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FIRST LEGO League 2011 – Food Factor

The FIRST LEGO League (FLL) local tournament was held on 26th November in Inter Expo Center, Sofia. We have published the program of the competition. Everything was kept on schedule and we promise that this will continue to happen years on.

The topic of the competition was “Food Factor – Keep Food Safe”. In the 2011 FLL Challenge the teams explored the topic of food safety. How can they improve the quality of the food by finding ways to prevent food contamination? Discover innovative ways of  food safety and solve a set of important missions as well as research, develop, and share their innovative food safety solutions.
Eleven teams took part in the competition. Here they are:
KASAPIN40, Wise Move, BGbot, Creative, Pandas, Power Rangers, Fellowship of the Robot, SAPfire40, Thunderbot, SixArePlaying 4 0ne team, Sap4y0u. You may see photos of the teams and their mentors on our facebook page. The photos from the day of the competition are here.


SAP Labs Bulgaria and SAP AG are general sponsors and partners in the organisation of the competition. With their help between 2006 and 2010 Bulgarian students participated in the competitions in Germany. From 2011 SAP is a general sponsor of the local tournament in Bulgaria.
FIRST LEGO League Bulgaria is supported by Telerik – a socially aware company, supporting many projects in the field of education and entrepreneurship.
Datecs is one of the leading IT companies in Bulgaria. What is interesting is that they don’t produce only software, but also hardware. They supported the projects of ICT School, because they saw the opportunity for the students to gain experience and knowledge, which will help them in their future careers.


Robopartans School of Robotics “Robopartans” aims to develop students interest in Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics and technical sciences in general, by organizing demonstrations, workshops, courses, and festivals.
ICT School Association “ICT School” aims to improve the education in Information and Communication Technologies at Bulgarian schools and to get over the differences between school education and the needs of the employers in the area of Information and Communication Technologies.

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