ICT School

There are 10 kinds of people:
ones that understand the binary numeral system
and ones that don't.


We invite everyone, who’s interested in the objectives of the Association, to support it with donations or engagement in its activities.

Those of you, who wish to actively join the activities of the Association, can become members by filling out the application for membership in the “ICT school” association.

Application in .odt format

Application in .doc format

Membership gives you the opportunity to actively participate in the activities of the Association. Each member has one vote in the General Assembly when discussing the training activities and the allocation of funds. The membership fee is 30 BGN per year.

We expect all, who have good memories from their years in ELSYS (Technological school “Electronic Systems” in Sofia, Bulgaria) and value the quality of the education they received in the school, to join and support the activities of the Association.

The Association is also open for everyone who wishes for the improvement of the ICT education in Bulgaria.


Stefan Adamov каза:

Радвам се, че има такава инициатива и въпреки, че уча в Единбург в момента искам да се включа. Попълних формата за членуване, но не съм сигурен как тя трябва да стигне до вас :) Таа, ако може маалко информация за това.


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Kiril Mitov каза:

Здрасти Стефан.

Изминявам се за забавянето от много месеци, но чак в момента виждам коментара да се е показал.
Надявам се да получиш този отговор. Може да ни изпратиш формата сканирана с твой подпис на адрес info (at) ict-school (dot) org или на kmitov (at) elsys-bg (dot) org и ние ще ти отговорим.

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